Have you set a goal to become more sustainable?

Sustainability goes beyond recycling, gardening, and adopting eco-friendly habits at work.

One of the best ways to go green is to start with your very own home.

That’s right!

You don’t need chemicals to keep a clean house.

Sustainable cleaning products keep your home just as clean as traditional methods like bleach, detergents, harsh abrasives, and degreasers.

In fact, studies show that green cleaning products are better at reducing indoor air pollution, water contamination, and mold, compared to traditional chemical-based products. Chemicals increase soap scum and air pollutants, creating more messes to clean up.

Learn how to keep an eco-friendly home with these must-have cleaning tips.

1. Swap Out Artificial Scents for Real Ones

One of the biggest draws of traditional cleaning products, like multipurpose cleaners, is their “fresh” scent.

Unfortunately, these artificial scents rely on chemicals that ultimately lead to indoor air pollution. Popular artificial scents include lemon, linen, and floral.

However, you can enjoy the same fresh scents without relying on chemicals or aerosol cleaners and air fresheners.

2. The Power of Lemon

For starters, lemon juice itself is a powerful and natural cleaning agent.

Natural lemon has both antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which reduce illnesses and improves immune systems in your households. Not only is lemon for surface cleaning, but you can also make your own lemon-based hand cleansers for sanitizing.

Other cleaning benefits of lemon include:

  • Elimination of bacteria on surfaces, dishes, pans, and utensils
  • Bathroom mold removal
  • Breaks up and removes tile mildew
  • Pan and grill degreasing
  • Producing natural shine to glass and dishware
  • Dishwater rinsing
  • Quick refrigerator cleaning
  • Rust removal
  • Natural laundry cleaner
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Smudge-free mirror cleaning

Another clever use for lemon juice is microwave cleaning.

Slice and squeeze a lemon on top of a dampened sponge, and place it in the microwave for a few seconds. This all-natural trick will loosen any caked-on food and grime in your microwave while leaving your microwave smelling fresh and clean.

Lemon is a fantastic alternative to bleach, as well.

First, throw one load of laundry into your washing machine. Add just one cup of freshly-squeezed lemon juice to your load. The lemon juice will naturally brighten your white clothes without ruining the fabric.

3. Sustainable Cleaning Alternatives in the Pantry

Lemon juice is just one example of a sustainable cleaning alternative that you can find right in your own home. You can always open the pantry to discover even more eco-friendly cleaning agents like vinegar.


Vinegar is a wonderful (and green-friendly) alternative to multipurpose cleaners and bleach.

Simply fill an empty spray bottle with one-part warm water and one-part vinegar to create an effective cleaner for bathroom sinks, tiles, kitchen surfaces, and your fridge. Even better, natural vinegar cleaners keep food safe from bleach and other cleaning chemicals.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common pantry item and an age-old sustainable cleaning alternative. Similar to lemon juice, baking soda can help you achieve surface shine. Baking soda is a natural (and soft) abrasive that works wonders at removing surface grime gently, making it an ideal shower scrub powder.

Another option is oven cleaner. Add a cup (or two) of baking soda to a Tupperware bowl. Next, add a little bit of water to make a thick paste. Rub the paste all over the inside of your oven, and wipe away to remove grease, caked-on food, and rust, revealing a sparkling shine.

You can also add vinegar to your baking soda paste to produce a more powerful, foamy cleaning agent for your oven. Adding lemon to baking soda paste is another idea, letting the citrus acid cut through the grime.

Are you still using chemical-based drain cleaners to clear out clogged shower drains?

Drain-cleaning chemicals trigger indoor pollution and eat away at old pipes.

Instead, pour a few tablespoons of baking soda down the drain. Next, heat up some vinegar, and pour enough down the drain to make the baking soda fizz. This eco-friendly alternative will break up the clogs just as quickly as chemical-based cleaners without consequences.

The combination of baking soda and warm water is also great for mopping floors. However, avoid using this solution on hardwood floors. Baking soda-based wash is best for kitchen and bathroom tiles.

Do you live with pets, kids, and spills?

Messes are bound to happen!

Instead of buying a chemical-based powder, sprinkle a box of baking soda onto your carpet, couches, and upholstery to keep them odor-free. This all-natural trick is a good way to reduce indoor pollution, as well. 

Cream of Tartar

Another surprising eco-friendly cleaning agent is cream of tartar.

This item is typically used for baking meringue pies, scones, frosting, and more baked goods. However, acidic cream of tartar makes an effective tablecloth cleaner, ideal for holiday parties and family dinners.

Cream of tartar is also effective at removing tough coffee stains. Similar to baking soda, you can also create a thick cleaning paste. Simply, add enough lemon, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil to create a strong cleaning paste.

This paste also acts as a gentle dishwashing abrasive.

4. Check Your Fridge

Your refrigerator also has some surprising eco-friendly cleaning alternatives.

Do you have any old, tarnished copperware you want to save?

Keep your cream of tartar handy, and add enough ketchup to make a thick paste. Spread the paste onto the copperware, and let it stand for a few minutes to remove the tarnish.

Mayonaise, another popular condiment, is another sustainable secret weapon, especially, if you want to produce extra-shiny surfaces. You can also clean and polish wood with mayonnaise, and it’s surprisingly effective at removing pesky water rings from wood.

Transform Your Cleaning Routine

Turning everyday household products into eco-friendly cleaning supplies is the start of your new commitment to sustainable cleaning at home. 

Don’t have time to manage all of your green cleaning responsibilities?

Tidy Vide Clean is here to help!

Learn more about our favorite all-natural cleaning tips, or contact us today to book an appointment. We only use top-of-the-line eco-cleaning products that produce long-lasting results, reducing indoor air pollution, and creating healthier homes.