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Tidy Vibe provides professional house cleaning services throughout South Hill, WA and nearby communities.

Tidy Vibe Cleaning, located in South Hill, WA, recognizes the importance of having a comfortable and relaxing home. We take on the responsibility of household cleaning tasks so that you can enjoy a well-organized living space without the stress and time commitment. By choosing Tidy Vibe Cleaning, not only are you supporting a local small business, but you’re also prioritizing your physical and mental well-being. We offer both one-time deep cleaning and recurring cleaning services to meet your unique needs. Leave the cleaning to us, and focus on what truly matters to you. Take the first step towards a cleaner and healthier home by contacting Tidy Vibe Cleaning today.

Our Story

We are a woman-owned / immigrant-owned cleaning service providing eco-friendly house cleaning in South Hill, Washington and nearby areas. Through quality work and ethical business practices, we’re living our dream of humanizing the home cleaning industry and making positive waves in our community.

Trusted Cleaning Services in South Hill, WA.

At Tidy Vibe, our main goal is to deliver exceptional services that exceed your expectations, especially in South Hill, WA. This is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee – we want you to love our services! We understand that every home has unique cleaning needs, so we provide customized virtual evaluations and time-based pricing instead of a flat-rate. Additionally, we conduct pre- and post-cleaning evaluations to ensure we meet your expectations. Our house cleaning services in South Hill are designed to provide you with the best possible results at an affordable price. If we feel that we are not the right fit for your needs, we will be upfront and honest with you.

Regular Cleaning

For folks needing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly upkeep, our clients can expect a typical service including dusting, mopping, scrubbing, disinfecting, and vacuuming, as well as deeper tasks upon request such as cabinet and fridge clean out and baseboard dusting. We can customize your clean to meet your needs.​

One time / Move out

For those who don’t have time to clean deeply for an event or major move-out, we offer a comprehensive clean that covers it all. Whether you’re renting, selling, or buying we can prepare your place to look it’s best. This is also a great option if you need a one-time cleaning to get your place back into shape.

Proudly Serving South Hill, WA and nearby communities in the following zip codes: 98338, 98360, 98373, 98374, 98375, 98387.

A Different Kind of Cleaning Company

Value our People

We care for our cleaners, clients, and greater community.

Evolve for the Future

We adopt new products and practices in order to provide an ethical and sustainable service.

Humanize the Industry

We believe domestic workers rights are human rights.

At Tidy Vibe, we’re dedicated to providing superior house cleaning services, but we’re also passionate about providing greater opportunities for the community at large. We seek lasting change. For us, sustainability extends far beyond the environment. It also encompasses how we run our business. That’s why we hire local house cleaners that we intend to keep – and we also do a good job of taking care of them.

Cleaning Services You Can Trust in South Hill, WA

Some History About South Hill, WA.

South Hill is an unincorporated community located in Pierce County, Washington. The area that is now South Hill was originally inhabited by the Puyallup tribe, who used the land for fishing and hunting. In the mid-19th century, the area began to be settled by European immigrants who were drawn to the fertile land. The community of South Hill began to take shape in the early 20th century, with the construction of several roads and the arrival of the electric railway. This made it easier for people to travel to and from the area and led to an increase in population. The community was named for its location on a hill south of Puyallup.

South Hill continued to grow throughout the 20th century, with the construction of new homes, businesses, and schools. The community has become known for its beautiful homes and scenic views of Mount Rainier.

Today, South Hill is a thriving community with a diverse population and a strong economy. The community is home to several parks, including South Hill Community Park and Wildwood Park, as well as the South Hill Mall, which offers shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The community is also known for its excellent schools, including Emerald Ridge High School and Rogers High School.

Proudly Serving South Hill, WA and nearby communities in the following zip codes: 98338, 98360, 98373, 98374, 98375, 98387.

Things to do and interesting facts.

  1. Bradley Lake Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The park features a lake, trails, and picnic areas, as well as a playground and a skatepark.
  2. South Hill Mall is a shopping center that offers a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. The mall is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.
  3. The South Hill Community Park is a 120-acre park that features walking trails, picnic areas, sports fields, and playgrounds. The park is a great place to spend a day outdoors with family and friends.
  4. Wildwood Park is a 70-acre park that offers a variety of recreational activities, including hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching. The park is home to several trails and a lake, as well as a picnic area and a playground.
  5. The South Hill Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the history of the South Hill community. The society hosts events and exhibits throughout the year and is a great resource for those interested in the area’s rich history.

Other places of interest in South Hill include the Puyallup Riverwalk Trail, which offers scenic views of the river and surrounding landscape, and the Pioneer Park Pavilion, which hosts concerts and other events throughout the year. South Hill is also located near several other popular attractions, including Mount Rainier National Park and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.

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