Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-12-27T08:32:51-08:00
Why do I need an initial deep cleaning?2022-10-24T10:02:17-07:00

All initial cleans require a thorough deep clean, so please be understanding that it will take longer. Initial cleanings set us up for success when managing your recurring regular clean.

How long will my initial deep cleaning take?2022-10-27T08:16:08-07:00

Initial deep cleanings typically take our team a minimum of six hours total. During your in person walk through we will provide you with an estimate of how long your cleaning will take us to complete.

How much will my initial deep cleaning cost?2022-10-27T08:17:26-07:00

Our initial deep cleanings are $55 / hour (recurring) or $65 / hour (one time deep cleanings) per team member. The minimum cost for these cleanings are $330 – $390. Depending on the time estimate provided during your walk through we’ll also send you a direct quote for approval prior to submitting your deposit.

How much will my recurring cleaning cost?2022-10-27T08:18:48-07:00

Depending on the type of cleaning monthly ($75 / hr), Biweekly ($60 / hr), or weekly ($50 / hr) For recurring cleanings, we do require a 3 hour minimum for each service trip. Recurring cleanings typically take 2-3 sessions to establish a regular amount of time and cost.

How much is the required deposit?2022-10-27T08:19:39-07:00

The required deposit for all cleanings is $330. Once submitted this costs secures your requested cleaning date and time.

Can my family and pets be present during our clean?2022-10-27T08:20:37-07:00

Of course, this is your home! We’ll touch base during your walk through on how to prepare our team accordingly on how you’d like us to interact with your furry friends while in your space. We kindly ask our clients who are in the home to be mindful and allow our cleaners the space to complete our services while we craft you with the perfect cleaning.

Why do you require a walk through before scheduling a cleaning?2022-10-27T08:21:21-07:00

This time provides us not only with the opportunity to communicate with you directly but also prepare our team prior to your initial cleaning. We’ll spend 15 minutes touring your home to ensure we are able to meet each of your requests.

Will I have the same assigned cleaner for every cleaning?2022-10-27T08:22:42-07:00

If you are a recurring biweekly or weekly client you will be assigned a consistent team member. At this time we cannot guarantee a regular cleaner to monthly cleanings. Prefer consistency, ask our team about upgrading to a biweekly or weekly cleaning!

What is our cancellation policy?2022-10-27T08:24:50-07:00
  • 72 hours notice for any non-emergency related alterations to your scheduled clean
  • 48 hours notice due to illness + or emergencies
  • 30 days notice to cancel or freeze all tidy services

If you are able to reschedule any cancellations that fall under these circumstances + notified short of the required time your fee will be $75 to cover the cost of our Cleaner’s scheduled time

If you are unable to reschedule any cancellations that fall under these circumstances + notified short of the required time your fee will be $135-$215 to cover the cost of our Cleaner’s scheduled time

All Tidy recurring clients get one “free pass” per year to use for any cancellations or rescheduling fees they need.

Move in / move out / one time / initial cleanings

if canceled at any point after 24hrs of booking, charged $330

If rescheduled your fee will be $150 to cover the cost of our Cleaner’s scheduled time

Do you have Covid Protocols in place?2022-10-27T08:26:22-07:00

We are requiring that all team members while inside of your home wear a mask during the cleaning service. We encourage the home owner to vacate the premises if possible or to keep to one room of the home for the duration of the clean. Thank you for your understanding.

Who supplies the cleaning products and equipment?2022-11-09T09:34:23-08:00

Tidy Vibe supplies all of the tools and supplies that our cleaners need to clean your home, including vacuum cleaners, scrub brushes, cleaning solutions, and freshly-washed cleaning cloths. Our primary cleaning products are non-toxic and biodegradable. If you would prefer to supply your own cleaning products, please contact our office at least one business day in advance of your scheduled cleaning. Client-supplied products must be non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for all surfaces.

Who will be cleaning my home?2022-11-09T09:35:03-08:00

We will assign a professional cleaner based on your location. All of our cleaners are well trained, highly rated, and thoroughly vetted. We conduct background checks, in-person interviews, and paid training for every employee, so we know they will do a great job for you.

What do I need to get ready for the clean?2022-11-15T04:47:14-08:00

Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you, but a little help from you will go a long way toward getting the perfect clean. Before we arrive, please pick up excess clutter, move any fragile items out of the way, and empty the sinks so that our cleaning technicians can safely access all the surfaces in your home. We will clean around your possessions rather than move them.

During the warmer months, it is important that our technicians be able to work in safe temperatures. Please be aware that they may set the air conditioning to as low as 70 degrees Fahrenheit while working in your home and will reset it to your preferred setting before they leave. During cooler months, please make sure your entry way is clear of snow and ice and safe for our cleaners to enter. Other than that, just secure any pets and make sure that we will be able to enter your home at the scheduled date and time.

Do you clean everything?2022-11-09T09:36:29-08:00

While our cleaners work hard to make your home sparkle, there are limits to what we can do with set-in stains or certain textured or porous surfaces, such as fabrics, wood, shower doors, bathtubs, grout, countertops, etc. We will clean these surfaces as thoroughly as possible, but be aware that they might not appear as visually clean as other surfaces. If your home has hard water with a high mineral content, it may have created permanent mineral stains or build-up, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. While we will do our best, we cannot guarantee removal of all hard water deposits.
In addition, we do not provide the following services; professional carpet cleaning, blind cleaning (other than dusting), laundry, home organization, exterior home services (windows, patios, pressure washing), biohazardous waste cleaning or mold cleaning/removal.

Who supervises the cleaners?2022-11-09T09:37:06-08:00

Each of our cleaners is employed directly by Tidy Vibe, which helps us recruit and retain the best people. Our cleaners receive ongoing training and regular performance reviews as well as financial incentives to ensure consistently good service. You can trust that our employees know what they are doing, and do not need to be supervised while cleaning, so we ask that you do not attempt to direct or instruct them while they are working. If you would like to inspect a cleaning while the cleaner is still at your home, please wait until they are completely finished. We are happy to walk with you through the home to make sure you are satisfied. If you ever have concerns about any of our cleaners or the service provided, please contact us as soon as possible at to remedy the situation.

Do I need to be home during the clean?2022-11-15T04:46:24-08:00

No. You do not need to be home when our team arrives or while they are working. You just need to provide instructions about how to enter your home, and tell us if there are any special circumstances that our technicians should know about, such as unsecured pets or areas that you don’t want us to enter. If you are home during the cleaning, please be sure that the technicians are given full access to all areas that they will be cleaning and are not interrupted. If you work from home, our technicians will be happy to clean your home office first in order to minimize disruption to your work day.

What if I forget to give entry access?2022-11-09T09:37:53-08:00

If you are not home when the cleaners arrive and have not provided access information in advance, we will contact you and request a way to enter, such as a garage code or hidden key. If the cleaner cannot gain access or is turned away at the door, we will charge you a lockout fee up to 100% of the full cost of the cleaning to compensate our cleaners for the lost time.

When will my cleaners arrive?2022-11-15T04:45:43-08:00

When you fill out the request form you will indicate whether you want a morning or afternoon cleaning. Once you book the cleaning, you will receive a confirmation email and a follow up email/text two days before the appointment. All morning cleans start between 9 – 10am. Afternoon cleans begin between 12:00 – 1:30p. You can expect your cleaner to arrive within about 30 minutes of the scheduled start time on your confirmation. If your cleaner is running behind more than 30 minutes due to delayed work, they will send you a text message letting you know of their updated ETA.

What about my pets?2022-11-15T04:45:25-08:00

All of our cleaners are comfortable with most domestic pets and enjoy spending time with your furry friends as long as they are safe with humans. We kindly ask that you secure any pet that may be a threat or that might interfere with the clean.

How do the cleaners get in when I am not home?2022-11-15T04:46:06-08:00

When you schedule your cleaning and fill out your request form, we will ask for instructions on how to enter your home. For example: you may hide a key, use a lock box, give us a garage code, or use a smart lock. We do not take personal keys with us. Please turn off any alarms in order to prevent them from going off accidentally and tell us if there are any special circumstances that our cleaners should know about, such as unsecured pets. Our cleaners will lock up after themselves when they leave.

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