Condition of Service

The interior of the home is expected to be cleared of clutter. Clutter being classified as an abundance of toys, piles of clothing, heaps of trash, unkept surfaces that cannot be easily accessed by a cleaner. Areas with said clutter will not be cleaned. While cleaning, items will not be put away by Tidy Vibe cleaners unless the client requests and has shown the cleaner where to place said item.

Tidy Vibe is not responsible for cleaning biohazardous or hazardous areas in your home. Such circumstances as bodily fluids or odors from said fluids (animal or human), areas with drug paraphernalia, decaying/rotten food, and or areas containing maggots. We have the right to terminate services on site if encountering any of the previously stated items.

Liability Waiver

I do not hold Tidy Vibe and/or its cleaners liable for any property damage or personal injury before, during, or after services performed. I choose to hire Tidy Vibe at my own risk. I am also aware that Tidy Vibe is licensed, bonded, and insured. I understand that Tidy Vibe will take all necessary precautions and care for the cleaning of my home. If there is an area that requires special care and instruction it is my responsibility to let Tidy Vibe cleaners know about these areas and instructions.

Lock Boxes, Keys, and Alarms

Tidy Vibe requests that instead of giving us a key, you provide a lock box or electronic key code for entry into your home and/or office. You can place your lock box in the back of your home on the day of scheduled service. If you own an alarm system, it is your responsibility to share that information with Tidy Vibe and/or your cleaner beforehand. Tidy Vibe is not held liable for fees associated with activating your alarm. Tidy Vibe cleaners will do their best to alert owners if the alarm is triggered.

If needed for the cleaner to keep a key, Tidy Vibe will safeguard the client key(s) at all times. The key(s) provided by the client will be handled by the owner or the cleaners on the date of service(s) or if an ongoing cleaning is arranged to be held in safekeeping with the cleaner /owner. Lost key(s) will be reported to client immediately. If a key is reported as lost, Tidy Vibe will provide $50 to replace any lost key, but is not held liable or responsible to rekey your home or to pay for this to be done.

Other Workers on Service Date

Tidy Vibe’s liability and bond insurance policies cover our cleaners only. It does not cover other workers from other companies in the home on a scheduled service date. If other workers are in the home at the same time as our cleaners, I release all liability of Tidy Vibe’s cleaners with my signature on this form. It is my responsibility to validate the work performed by the other company and hold Tidy Vibe harmless, now and forever. If actual damage was found from the work our cleaners performed, it must be reported to Tidy Vibe or the owner before work has commenced by the employees of the other company.

Completion of Work for Move-out/One-time Cleanings

Upon completion of the work, cleaner(s) and the client will inspect the job. I understand that I will be responsible for payment in full for the time rendered to complete this job at the end of this job. I understand that it is my responsibility to review the work done and to mention any adjustments that I would like done to the job completed at that time. A representative of Tidy Vibe will call me/us one 1⁄2 hour prior to the completion of the job if I am not on the premises so that I can return to inspect the work and/or make payment. If there is any waiting time due to our late arrival, I understand that I am also responsible for paying that time as well. If I am not on site 30 minutes after the finished time for cleaning, I understand that my credit/debit card on file will be charged for the services conducted.

Terms for Payment

All clients are required to provide a credit or debit card on file to secure their scheduled cleaning. Payment is required at the time of service or by invoice within 5 business days. If the client is unable to pay at the time of cleaning or by invoice, Tidy Vibe will charge the clients’ account within five business days. Invoicing and automatic bill pay can also be arranged beforehand for recurring clients. Credit and debit are our only acceptable forms of payment. We do not accept cash or check. All initial cleanings require a non refundable $330 deposit. Tidy Vibe reserves the right to refuse service when an outstanding balance is due.

Tips and Gifts

Tidy Vibe does not require tips, but if a client feels inclined to tip for the hard work their cleaner does, they are always welcome and can communicate that directly with the cleaner.


I understand that on the service date, individuals that are in the home while the service is being performed must not occupy the rooms while the cleaning is being done. I understand that it is requested that I move to other rooms and be mindful of Tidy Vibe’s equipment for my family and my own protection and the protection of Tidy Vibe’s cleaners.


Tidy Vibe reserves the right to refuse service on the scheduled date if an animal in the home is considered dangerous. Pets left inside the home on the scheduled service date will be protected to the best of our ability. We kindly ask that if possible, to keep your pets out of the way of cleaning as it helps us to do our job better and more efficiently. Tidy Vibe will not be held responsible for the behavior of the pet(s) while the service is being performed.


Tidy Vibe guarantees the work performed for 24 hours. Any deficiencies must be reported with proof of photos within this time period. For recurring clients, deficiencies can usually be corrected at the time of the next service.

Chemicals and Equipment

Tidy Vibe will use it’s own cleaning products unless indicated by the owner. Tidy Vibe will use products or appliances that are authorized by the client only when pre-arranged on the Service Agreement, noted with the owner/cleaner, and/or noted on our Work Order. Cleaners are trained and authorized to use the products and equipment of Tidy Vibe. It is at the cleaner’s discretion to use products that the client suggests that are not within the orientation and supplies of Tidy Vibe. Tidy Vibe is not liable for any damage the client’s products cause to the cleaner, client, or the property should there be any.

Tidy Vibe Cleaners

We take pride in our cleaners as well as our service. Our cleaners should arrive at your home within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time to allow for any unexpected traffic or delays. If the cleaner is delayed more than 30 minutes, we will contact you. Our cleaners take special care and attention to clean your home and so we ask that you allow us the following in order to do our job well; keep your home clear of clutter and/or hazardous items, allow a space for our cleaners to park their car (street parking is fine), and provide a restroom for our cleaners to use if needed. If the cleaning of your home takes longer than 4 hours, we also ask that you allow our cleaners to take a short 10 minute break. Our cleaners are not authorized to use any undocumented items in the customer’s home and are required to document any damage found or incurred on the day of service.

We ask our cleaners to exercise caution when inside of a clients’ home, and if at any point our cleaner does not feel safe in a client’s home, we reserve the right to leave that home immediately and bill for at least three hours and any work already performed beyond that. As a client, we also expect you to report any concerns about our cleaners to Tidy Vibe immediately.

Our Process

Initial Cleanings

All initial cleans requires a thorough deep clean, so please be understanding that it will take longer initially.

Establishing a Regular Rate for Recurring Cleanings

Recurring cleanings typically take 2-3 sessions to establish a regular amount of time and cost.  Most cleanings will fall between 15-30 minutes of the established time.  If a clean ever varies more than that, we will let the homeowner know ahead of time.  This usually only occurs after an in-home event, the addition of pets or children, or after a major home improvement/renovation.

How to Prepare for Your Cleaning

Tidy up clutter so we have space to make your home sparkle.

Prepare the people, pets and your home for our team’s arrival.


In order to maintain the safety of our clients and cleaners, we require all cleaners and clients on site to wear face masks and maintain 6 ft physical distance. All cleaners are required to wear masks and gloves while cleaning as well as use proper procedures for disinfecting your home and equipment as directed by Tidy Vibe management. If possible, we ask all clients and/or family in the home to remain off site until the cleaning is complete to help prevent spread of COVID.

Our Cancellation Policy

Recurring Cleans

72 hours notice for any non-emergency related alterations to your scheduled clean 48 hours notice due to illness + or emergencies

30 days notice to cancel or freeze all tidy services

If you are able to reschedule any cancellations that fall under these circumstances + notified short of the required time your fee will be $75 to cover the cost of our cleaner’s scheduled time

If you are unable to reschedule any cancellations that fall under these circumstances + notified short of the required time your fee will be $135-$215 to cover the cost of our cleaner’s scheduled time.

All Tidy Vibe recurring clients get one “free pass” per year to use for any cancellations or rescheduling fees they need.

Move in / move out / one time / initial cleanings

if cancelled at any point after 24hrs of booking, charged $330

If rescheduled your fee will be $150 to cover the cost of our cleaner’s scheduled time


Holiday Schedule

The following Holidays are observed: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Independence Day.

If your scheduled recurring cleaning falls on a holiday, we will reschedule within one week of your normal services and will provide you with an advance warning. If you want to skip this cleaning, then you will need to follow regular protocol to cancel services.